HOBEMA, PERINI Complete line for production of toilet paper and kitchen towels in working

Quantity 1
Product ref. 212
Year. 1997
Machine parameters

Core winder by Hobema
Produced in 1977
Type: LK III
Speed 30m/min.
Inside diameter of the Core 45 mm
Electrical cabinet overhauled in 2003
Full documentation in German
Two unwinders,
Two stripes of 180 gsm

b) Log Saw by Perini
Type – Pc 444/c
90 cuts per minute
Two lanes
Blade diameter – Ø 610 mm,
Grinding Wheel for sharpening – ceramic cup ø 150 mm
Supply voltage – 380 V
Log cutting length – 90 – 225 mm, mechanical adjustment
Range of diameters for log cutting - ø 90 - ø 120mm

c) Rewinder for toilet paper and kitchen towels by Italconverting
type – 24.10 E
produced in 1997
double embossing system micro/macro (steel to rubber)
1 unwinder
tail sealer
max mother reel diameter 1500 mm
max working width 2700 mm
max working speed 350 m/min
log diameter 90–130 mm

d) Wrapping MACHINE by Cassol
type – RA 2CIV
Speed 15-20 packs/min
Wrapping configuration 2/4/6 roll
Thickness of foil 30-50 microns

e) Bandler by Cassoli
speed 8 logs/min
mechanical glue dosage

f) Log accumulator by Hobema
type – 05
produced in 1977
capacity 138 logs