Automatic Cutting Machine Librex 78BT

Model 78BT
Quantity 1
Product ref. 201
Year. 1972
Machine parameters

Librex 78 BT serial number 4014 years of production: 1972
Machine typographic print format: 780x540, print speed: max 1200 sheets / hour.

Machine weight: 5.5 tons.
- Imposing 580 mm stack height
- Paper feed streaming MABEG (compressor supplied)
- Large table spillway (new green stripes)
- Electric double sheet detector
- The absence of an electric sensor sheet on the printing cylinder
- Adjustable front brands (brands are some of the line can be cut sheet)
- Tightening the brand side (left and right)
- Switching foot stamping, adjustable discharge 4 degrees
- Two counters counting one with STOP function
- Air curtain helps to keep the sheet in the appropriate position in the delivery
- Covering chain (quiet transport 3 three sheets)
- Pulverizing WEKO used in print does not print anything
- Pile arbitrarily set relative to the thickness of the sheet stack height of 600 mm
- The required power supply 380V 5,6Kw
The machine is in very good condition, serviced by qualified personnel.
Visual state machine vote on the catalog. Chrome parts look like new
no damage, dents, complete a factory machine.
Ideal for small printing companies. Low energy consumption, easy to
preparation for orders. You can work without the low pressure compressor as a table for small orders.
Currently, is adapted to perforate the paper of 80g / m to the production of labels for bakers
The area needed to work 2,5x3,5 m.

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