YOKISTAR YS-30B Spray booth

Model YS-30B
Quantity 1
Product ref. 51
Year. 2010
Machine parameters
Machine Width 5 M
Machine Length 7 M
Machine Height 3 M

YOKISTAR YS- 30B Spray booth

Year 2010

Inside Dimension 6900x3900x2700 mm (LxWxH)

Outside Dimension 7000x5450x3400 mm (LxWxH)

Main door 3-folds, 3000x2650 mm

Personal door 650x1800 mm

Wall Panels - 50mm thick EPS heat preservation wall panels, galvanized steel roof plates

Basement and floor Galvanized steel assemble, height is 300mm, complete grilles, 2 pcs ramps, 750 x 2000 mm

Lighting - Ceiling lights: 8 units x 4pcs=32 pcs x 36W, Side lights: 8 units x 2 pcs= 16 pcs x 30W

Generator setting type Side upper intake air, quadrate steel frame, coated steel

Intake air fan 2 x 4 KW double - intake centrifugal fans, air capacity: 24500 m3/h


Exhaust air fan 1 x 5,5 kW double - intake centrifugal fan


Heating system - RIELLO G20 oil burner, heating productivity: 20000 Kcal/h, stainless steel heat exchanger, with anti-explosion hole for protection, working temperature: 80oC, electric damper from spraying to baking cycle.


Filter system - Pre-filter, high efficiency filter (ceiling filter), fibreglass filter, exhaust activated carbon filter.


Control System -Lighting switch, spraying, heat spraying, baking, temperature controller, time setting, emergency stop.

Total Power 15,5 KW

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