Tumble dryer machine SBT

Model SBT
Quantity 1
Product ref. 121
Year. 1970
Machine parameters

Line has not a particular brand because it is partly new and partly line stimulant after regeneration.

This is the technology of the 70s - everything is signed after the regeneration of the production year 2014.

Some partsare new: furnace and the discharge chamber, and some part of the regeneration used: connector, drum, hopper feeders, snake discharge chamber, fan, cyclone.

They did the rest of the line: buffer tank with a capacity of 30m3 each, drives, connectors technology. There are the feeders and bucket

The line is: Bake, joints, hopper feeder, drum drying, the snake discharge chamber, fan, cyclone + feeder bucket with a capacity of 20t / h to collect dry product and filling for 2 tanks (2 pcs. Of capacity. 30m3 / each) + feeder bucket for loading vehicles with a capacity of 50t / h - to the technological connection (connecting pipes, transport, etc.). Until that everything is powered engines having different power from 3.5 kW to 18,5kW - time power around 65kW +/-. Everything is controlled automatically control box (located in the booth wheelhouse) for inverters to control the speed of the drum and the loading chamber.
Ad. 7. The exact dimensions you need to measure, but some things can not be put to a simple container - Dimensions gives an indication would have to be carefully measured
Bake - 18-20t weight, width 2.70 m / H 2.70 (if I remember correctly) / length 3,5m
Drum - mass 6-9t - width / height 2.40m (cylinder) / length 9m
Connector - a mass of about 1.5 tons - 1,5m x 2m x 1.5m
Hopper: mass 2,5-3t - 6.5m length x width 2.5m - 1.5m height
The discharge chamber: mass 1,5-2t - Oval 3m x 1.5m wide
snake discharge - 250kg weight - length 6m x 0,20m Wed
loading feeder - a mass of 500kg, 5m length x width 30-40cm
technological pipe - after dozens of different weight kg, different lengths and shapes, some sections of the pipes after cutting
cyclone - a mass of about 2-2,5t - 6m length - 2.5m diameter + feet 3-3,5m x 4pcs
buffer tanks 2 pieces: the weight of each approx 2-2,5t - 2.15 m width x length x 2.15 m + 6m Discharge chute (1,5m x 2m x 6m) + feet after 3,5m 8pc of struts
bucket feeders - 1,5-2t each weight around in the elements of the 2m (12pcs + 12pcs) the bases and heads
fan - a mass of about 1.5 tons - 2m x 2m width height
wheelhouse - of panels - 300kg (after removing the plate 1,5m x 2.5 to 3m)
Control panel - 1,2m x 1,5m 70kg x 0,35m
The furnace and the discharge chamber rather container must be open. These items came from the cyclone low loader platform. The rest of the things I was able to carry 2 or semi Tirami 13.6 m length x 2.5 m wide x 2.70 m height. Also you can add to 3-4 wsystko containers 40 '

 Applications are different: the main ones are drying sawdust. In addition, this can be all kinds of dry biomass such as grasses, alfalfa, brewer's spent grain, pulp, pomace, a layer of mushrooms - all of which is relatively loose and moist and suitable for combustion in power plants, for example. Each type of biomass for later pelletowania (such as sawdust), sand (eg sanding) and other minerals that require drying ... and every other type of raw material requires moisture removal. The efficiency of this machine on sawdust with a moisture content of 25-30% are 1,5-2th dry weight per hour - at higher humidities performance will go down (unless you use the press and juicers).

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